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06-05-2015 15:22
WOW Nvidia does have a Phone
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17-04-2015 02:19
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11-04-2015 10:50
Penny Dreadful = Innovative...
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GoF Viscera
22-05-2015 01:23
I have had Original pong, Atari 2600 and 5200, An Odyssey system, Sega genesis, Nintindo, playstation 1,2. then PC...

GoF Viscera
22-05-2015 01:19
Hell, i still have my 5200 atari system and games. i doubt it still works. it use to be stored in a basement for years now ts in my closet also for years.

21-05-2015 19:35
Time to get an atari for me to play

GoF Viscera
20-05-2015 23:12
Oh shit Adam Sandler has played one to many ATARI games in his life and gone and made this. https://www.youtu.

GoF Viscera
20-05-2015 04:38
Just got caught up on this past week or so Season Finales and Nashville's Their making it seem like Deacon has died on the Op table, but my bet is his sister is the one that died.

GoF Viscera
18-05-2015 22:13
<-- Cops fear retaliation from bikers that got away....

GoF Viscera
18-05-2015 22:11
Some News are referencing Sons of Anarchy tv series as an example on the 5 Biker gang turf war shoot out in Waco Texas. Where 9 Bikers were killed 4 of them by Cops...

GoF Viscera
18-05-2015 09:21
Fox Network this summer and fall will have 5 Gorden Ramsy cooking shows, 3 game shows 2 or 3 competition shows. And only a handful of new scripted shows. *PALM SMACKS FOR- HEAD*

GoF Viscera
18-05-2015 09:01
Mike, u did notice Chris Bauer (aka. Sheriff Andy Bellefleur) in Lizzie Borden last night, or did you'ya even watch it yet?

GoF Viscera
17-05-2015 23:46
Damn! She isn't a Virgin no more, He tore her up from the floor up and didn't even ask for a reach around.

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